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வணக்கம் அகத்தியர் அடியவர்களே!


சித்திரை மாதம் என்பது சித்தர்கள் அருள் தரும் மாதம் என குறிப்பிடுவார்கள். அந்த சித்திரை மாத பௌர்ணமி அன்று (15/04/2014), சித்தர்களுக்கு சிறப்பு பூசை செய்வதற்காக "கல்லார் அகத்தியர் ஞான பீடத்தில்" ஏற்பாடு செய்து வருகிறார், திரு தங்கராசன் சுவாமிகள். அவரின் அழைப்பிதழ் கீழே தருகிறேன்.


அனைவரும் சென்று கலந்து கொண்டு சித்தர்களின் அருள் பெற்று வாருங்கள் என்று வேண்டிக் கொள்கிறேன்.

தொகுத்தளித்தவர்! Velayudham Karthikeyan


My Dear Daughter/Son,


Chithrai month in Tamil Calendar is consider as Siddargal month.


In this connection Siddargal Vizha (function) சித்தர்கள் விழா will be celebrated at Sree Agathiar Gnana Peedam, Kallar on Chitra Pournami (Full Moon Day) i.e.15.04.2014.


A special pooja will be conducted for Siddargal.


All are invited to attend pooja and get the blessings of Siddhas.



Sree Agathiar Gnana Peedam,

2/464-E, Agathiar Nagar,

Kallaru, Thooripalam,

Mettupalayam, Coimbatore,

Tamil Nadu, India.


Mobile:9842027383 , 9842550987

Miracles at Kallar

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Agathiyar has been performing miracles at the Sri Agathiyar Sri Thava Murugar Gnana Peedham Thirukovil in Kallar.

What started as a humble hermitage by Tavayogi Thangarasan Adigal on the instruction of Agathiyar, the Sri Agathiyar Gnana Peedham has today mushroomed into a much bigger ashram the Sri Agathiyar Sri Thava Murugar Gnana Peedham Thirukovil Dhyana Kudil.

Agathiyar instructed Tavayogi to seek Agathiyar Vanam and set up his hermitage. And so Tavayogi found himself at present day Kallar on the 9th km Ooty-Methupalaiyam route.

Agathiyar instructed him to install the 6 Aathaara Peedham to be worshiped. This 7 tier granite structure was subsequently made and installed.

Agathiyar sent local native aboriginal Indians to settle around the Peedham. The Government later built homes for these dwellers. Tavayogi started feeding these native children and donated clothing and stationary with funds from the general public.

Tavayogi was then instructed to spread the teachings of the sidhas to devotees in Malaysia and Singapore. Tavayogi made a few trips to these countries.

Along the way Tavayogi gets visits from Sidha Konganar, Lobhamudra, and Lord Murugan.

Tavayogi started conducting Yagams or lighting of the sacrificial fire. Later he was instructed to light 5 fire pits and this was increased to 108 the following year on the instruction of Agathiyar.

Then a fiber statue of Agathiyar was installed and another of Tava Murugan followed soon.

Agathiyar then instructed Tavayogi to place a granite statue of the sage at the exact spot where Agathiyar had appeared to Tavayogi in the jungles of Kallar.

A few days before the Agathiyar Jayanthi & Guru Puja celebrations on 31st December 2012, a sadhu mysteriously shows up at Kallar bringing with him an unusual Rudrakcham and hands it to Tavayogi with instructions to worship it as a linga.

Agathiyar continues to perform miracles at the Sri Agathiyar Gnana Peedham.